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            Music and the arts have the power to enrich, heal, and transform society as they play an essential role in ensuring and enhancing the quality of life. I am committed to inspiring, educating, and preparing innovative artists and creative leaders for the 21st century, that will be recognized for their individual artistic achievement as well as for their contribution to society within their chosen discipline later in life.


          Creative piano pedagogy involves sophisticated work that first requires understanding and knowing one's student, their temperament, mentality, needs, and desires. The next step is having a wide variety of musical and intellectual experiences to transfer to students in a supportive and safe environment. As a thoughtful piano teacher, I strive to stimulate and develop students’ potential and musical ability, and guide them to develop their music and intellectual expression independently. I do educate and train future piano artists and instructors. However, I work with numerous students who will not choose music as their profession. The ultimate goal of piano learning is to contribute to the development of a whole person, develop critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills.


            My approach to teaching combines a solid foundation in professional craft methodologies with high performance standards that reflect the best in professional practices. I teach by asking thought provoking questions, challenging students to think in imaginative and unconventional ways, and leading them into active exploration, conceptualization and preparation of their pieces. I am keenly aware of students’ different experiences and temperaments, and concentrate on developing their strengths while ameliorating their weaknesses. To help them achieve and grow, my pedagogical approach emphasizes flexibility, collaboration, curiosity, imagination, cross-cultural perspectives, and respect for the arts and one another.

          I teach independent critical listening and thinking skills, seeking a balance between lecturing and asking students to make their own discoveries. I encourage them to actively engage in creating their interpretations, independently and in collaboration with myself, which reflects my belief that good teaching depends upon intellectual and creative exchange and collaboration.


          The goal of the individual piano lessons is for students to attain a solid foundation in piano performance, but also understanding of music, art, and history.  They are given ideas for developing their musical expression and creativity and learn to apply the skills and knowledge from piano lessons in their other work.  My approach to teaching incorporates a variety of activities, such as technique and exploring diverse repertoire appropriate to their level. The activities are designed to enhance students’ general understanding of music and piano playing and to foster continued improvement of their creative, performance, and communication skills that can be transferred to benefit them any field of human achievement they choose in life.

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